GameSave Manager

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Database Update:
7th February 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.1.442.0
  • FIXED: Entries with '&' character in their title incorrectly being flagged as changed in certain circumstances
  • FIXED: Possible program crash when attempting to load the Custom Gamesave Entries database in rare occasions
  • FIXED: Registry detection causing the 'Wow6432Node' key to not be correctly implemented on x86 paths for certain entries
  • FIXED: Steam Spreader failing to add a directory to the queue when no Steam games are detected (and the user selects an Origin path or manually specifies a location)
  • FIXED: Steam games not being correctly listed due to changes in Steam's configuration file's structure
  • Additional changes to updating routines, fixing some UAC issues when installing, uninstalling or updating the application
  • Minor alterations to 'Share Entry' submission routines
  • Newer exlcusion ruleset routines are now used by default
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