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26th April 2024


A Brief History

GameSave Manager started life as an ill-conceived BAT script for personal use, before rapidly expanding into a crude commandline tool which was quickly shared amongst a group of friends.
Eventually, one of these friends convinced it's author--InsaneMatt--to share it with even more people. After a couple weeks, GameSave Manager gained it's very first GUI and was introduced to the world in 2009. Over time, new features were introduced and eventually GameSave Manager became one of the most popular save-management solutions around (Hurray!).

Why donate?

GameSave Manager has always been completely free. That's freeware in it's truest form too!
We have never--and will never--bundle 'unwanted junk' alongside our downloads (that's things like adware, bloatware, telemetry data gathering tactics, etc). We hate such things and we're sure you all do too! We don't even have advertisements on our website!
Due to this, donations are the project's only source of revenue. However we will never try to guilt, nag or otherwise trick our userbase into donating. That equally rubs us the wrong way as bundling junk does.

Donate however much you wish!

Firstly, just you contemplating making a donation means the world to us!
With that said, we're happy with whatever you deem we're worthy of. We genuinely do appreciate any and all donations, regardless of how big or small they are.

Let's do it

To make a donation, simply click onto the button representing your currency of choice below. You'll be redirected to PayPal where you'll be asked some questions (donation amount, your details, etc) and where the transaction will be securely processed.
Again, our most genuine and sincere thanks for even getting this far.
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