GameSave Manager

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Database Update:
7th February 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.0.280.0
  • FIXED: User being able to select the 'steamapps\common' directory as the destination for a Steam Spreader task
  • FIXED: Various dialogs being set as 'top most' as apposed to 'top' for 'window order' (in other words, forcibly ontop of everything)
  • FIXED: GameSave Manager window showing for a split second during a Scheduled Task, resulting in it 'stealing focus' from the active window the user is in
  • FIXED: 'Context Menu' option (on 'First Run' dialog) not correctly being applied when using the 'Install to' option
  • ADDED: 'Move an Origin game' to the 'Steam Spreader; Queue Item' dialog
  • ADDED: 'Check for database updates upon Windows Login' option (Program Settings -> General Settings -> Update Behaviour)
  • ADDED: 'Copy saves; don't remove source files' option to the 'Sync & Link; Unlink' dialog
  • ALTERED: Re-written 'Steam Spreader' detection routines, enabling support for games installed to different paths via Steam's new 'Game Management' feature (i.e 'alternative libraries')
  • UPDATED: 'Detection Routine' now correctly processes saves located in an 'Alternative Library' (Steam's new built-in 'Install to' feature)
  • NEW FEATURE: 'Steam Spreader' can now process Steam games that use '.gcf' files (such as Team Fortress 2)
  • NEW COMMANDLINE: /? or /help; Displays a full list of available commandlines, along with brief descriptions and examples
  • NEW COMMANDLINE: /checkupdates; Checks for, and applies, any Database Updates available and then closes (all silently)
  • NEW COMMANDLINE: /rescan; Siliently performs a full recan for supported saves and then closes (NOTE: Only works with '/checkupdates')
  • Minor changes to 'Share Entry' submission system
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