GameSave Manager

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7th February 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.0.302.0
  • FIXED: Wildcards (* and ?) not recursing directories correctly when folders are specified within the ruleset ('My Folder\*.sav' for example)
  • FIXED: GameSave Manager now checks if a 'link' is still valid before performing checks to see if Steam is running ('Revert' task for Steam Spreader)
  • ADDED: 'Use LZMA2 compression method' option to Program Settings ('7zip Preferences')
  • ADDED: Support for translations for various dialog messages for 'Revert' tasks (for Steam Spreader)
  • ADDED: Ability to remove a listing from the 'Restore a directory' panel of Steam Spreader (via 'No longer a valid link' error prompt)
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Slovenian' by 'R33D3M33R'
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Vietnamese' by 'ptk911'
  • 'Donate' button now matches recent changes to the website's 'donate' button
  • Re-worded various messages for 'Revert' tasks (for Steam Spreader) and implemented project's own dialog window
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