GameSave Manager

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Database Update:
7th February 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.1.406.0
  • ADDED: Alternative method to how 'exclusion rulesets' are applied (theoretically faster); enable / disable via Program Settings
  • ADDED: Button to open logs in external application from the "View Logs" dialog
  • ADDED: Option to sort by Custom Entry status (custom entries listed above 'official' entries); enable / disable via Program Settings
  • FIXED: Parsing error, causing backups with multiple directory entries sometimes failing validation checks
  • FIXED: Error saving changes to a Custom Gamesave Entry after removing a directory entry from it
  • FIXED: Settings not being updated after importing them from a 'Settings Backup'
  • FIXED: Scheduled Tasks not checking for (and applying) database updates before starting (when Program Settings are set accordingly)
  • FIXED: User not being able to specify their own filename for Scheduled Tasks using single archive configuration
  • FIXED: Issue in which 'exclusion rulesets' are ran when corresponding entry isn't detected (needlessly adding to scan time)
  • FIXED: 'Shutdown Tasks' dialog sometimes not closing after a failed Scheduled Task has completed, thus making the application hang
  • ALTERED: Some minor changes to the 'Share Entry' submission routine
  • NEW FEATURE: 'Gameplay Backup'; silently run backups of your saves while in-game
  • Minor changes to the default settings
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