GameSave Manager

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7th February 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.1.328.0
  • FIXED: Crash when trying to abort a Backup Task currently in progress (via the Windows Border's close button - the 'X' in the top-right of a window)
  • FIXED: Entries incorrectly being marked as modified since last backup (via 'on change' option)
  • FIXED: 'Official Database' structure version not being checked before loading, resulting in failed database queries
  • FIXED: 'Reset Settings' not resetting 'Ignored Entries' and 'Forced Time-stamps' listings
  • FIXED: Entries appearing in the detection list that do not have anything specified to backup (side-effect of 'Prevent duplicate directories from being listed' setting)
  • FIXED: Duplication of files due to issue with inclusion ruleset, causing validation failures of any backups effected
  • ADDED: Option to specify whether to rescan system before a Scheduled Task begins via 'Scheduled Task Wizard' dialog (in Step 2)
  • MODIFIED: Database Update routines, drastically reducing file-sizes of .gsdu files (up to 90% file-size decrease)
  • MODIFIED: MD5 checksums are now stored with backup archives in a slightly different manor
  • MODIFIED: 'Share Entry' routine now defaults to the user supplying additional information (although can still be opted out of)
  • MODIFIED: 'Scheduled Tasks' now default to using Separate Archives
  • MODIFED: Default 'Update Behaviour' now applies program updates with a single click from the 'Updates' page
  • NEW FEATURE: 'Minute basis' Scheduled Tasks; specify how many minutes should pass before your backup task is ran
  • NEW FEATURE: 'Hourly' Scheduled Tasks; specify how many hours should pass before your backup task is ran
  • NEW FEATURE: 'On Idle' Scheduled Tasks; ability to run your backups when your system is idle
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to perform a full rescan of supported saves upon system idle (enable / disable via Program Settings -> Detection Configuration)
  • TRANSLATION ALTERATION: 'Portuguese' pack now taken over by 'jrsolaris' (thanks to 'XPredator_13' who started it)
  • Minor alterations to how the 'settings.ini' file is generated
  • 'View Task Logs' link (from Main Menu) now opens a dialog, instead of the 'logs' storage folder
  • 'Default Directory' and 'Duplicate Directory' options can now store paths relative to GameSave Manager's executable (via '%SOURCEDIR%' variable)
  • Added a 'commandline_help.bat' batch script, which displays all available commandlines
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