GameSave Manager

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7th February 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.1.489.0
  • Maintenance release
  • FIXED: 'Test Detection' button sometimes failing to find matching files caused by it wrongly flagging an 'Abort' request
  • FIXED: 'Test Detection' button using an outdated 'Scan' method, causing certain combinations to always fail
  • FIXED: The 'ac' folder wrongfully being processed alongside Steam Cloud Ids
  • FIXED: User submissions requiring dummy directory / file data when only registry data is required to backup (causing submissions to fail to send)
  • ADDED: Support for 'wildcard' support in directory paths
  • IMPROVED: The 'Validation Checks' results logged during 'Backup' tasks
  • Registry values with multiple paths are now better parsed; the first path found that isn't nested in the Windows directory is automatically selected (supporting certain legacy game installers)
  • Backup Archives now store 'Creation' and 'Last Access' timestamps (where applicable)
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