GameSave Manager

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26th April 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.0.253.0
  • FIXED: 'Validate Archive' entry in 'File' menu not being click-able
  • FIXED: Database Updates incorrectly parsing '®' (® in HTML)
  • FIXED: The 32bit (x86) version of 'regedit.exe' being used, instead of 64bit (x64) being used when needed
  • FIXED: 'Handle_withspaces' error when trying to open Backup Archives made with GameSave Manager v2.x
  • ADDED: 'Validate Archive' option to Main Menu (under 'Restoring data' section)
  • ADDED: "Organise each entry's backup archives into sub folders" option to Program Settings (Task Specific->Backup Settings)
  • ADDED: 'Registry keys' listed in the 'Detected List' are now displayed (via regedit.exe) to the user upon double-clicking (much like double-clicking directory entries)
  • ADDED: 'Test Detection' button to the end of the 'Custom Gamesave Entries: Directory' wizard
  • ALTERED: 'Custom Gamesave Entries' wizard now lists all 'Officially Supported' entries for the user to select to modify
  • ALTERED: 'Task Successful' dialog is now resizable (dialog with the task log on it)
  • NEW FEATURE: 'Consolidate Archives'; specify how many backups of each save entry should exist (via Program Settings->Task Specific->Backup Settings)
  • NEW FEATURE: Your currently selected Translation Pack is now included in 'Check for Updates' (assuming it's author has configured it correctly)
  • NEW FEATURE: Ability to add a 'GameSave Manager' category to your right-click Context Menu of .gsba archives
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Spanish' by darblack31
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