GameSave Manager

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Database Update:
7th February 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.0.265.0
  • FIXED: 'Entry Title' not being populated correctly when editing an existing Custom Gamesave Entry
  • FIXED: Symbolic Links failing to be generated for Sync & Link and Steam Spreader tasks
  • FIXED: User being able to navigate away from the 'Check for Updates' page while querying the website for release information
  • FIXED: 'Translation Error #2' occuring in Sync & Link task logs
  • FIXED: Minor UI glitch on 'Scheduled Task Wizard' due to translated strings overlapping input objects
  • FIXED: 'Warning Message' radio buttons (on Custom Gamesave Entries Wizard) not correctly resizing to fit message
  • FIXED: Various strings being excluded from being translated, such as the 'No warning available.' message
  • FIXED: Issue in which entries that have no files to backup (i.e just registry data) not being updated when 'Create new archive upon file change' is enabled
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'French' by pb_ee1
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Ukrainian' by LMF
  • Languages are now sorted alphabetically within 'Program Settings' and on the 'First Run' dialog
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