GameSave Manager

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26th April 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.1.373.0
  • FIXED: Double-clicking a folder entry within the detection list launching an executable (when the executable shares the name of the folder in question)
  • FIXED: Detection issue regarding saves using the %UPLAY_2% variable (due to malformed string)
  • FIXED: Issues with 'Wow6432Node' key not correctly being used, resulting in many saves failing detection
  • FIXED: Page not refreshing correctly after deleting saves from system
  • FIXED: Uninstaller now removes 'Rescan on Idle' scheduled task
  • FIXED: Detection List losing focus when using 'Select All / Deselect All' checkbox
  • FIXED: Consolidation treating all backups as the same entry (when filenames start the same, e.g "My Game.gsba" and "My Game - The Returning.gsba")
  • FIXED: Application hanging when performing "shutdown tasks" (caused by a 'tasklist' query being performed while the user isn't an Administrator)
  • ADDED: Additional 'status' label to scanner, showing the user exactly what GameSave Manager is parsing (enable / disable via Program Settings or by toggle icon on dialog)
  • ADDED: Ability to overwrite the Steam ID that will be used when restoring saves that use the Steam Cloud cache
  • NEW FEATURE: '' support to all 'Cloud' options of the project
  • NEW FEATURE: GameSave Manager can now remember selected items between sessions (enable / disable via Program Settings)
  • EXPANDED FEATURE: 'Consolidation' option within the Scheduled Tasks Wizard can now be set to 1 (useful for singular archive backups)
  • NEW EXTERNAL SCRIPT: "Sid Meier's Civilization V", allowing to exclude autosaves from backups
  • 'Select All / Deselect All' checkbox now disables all other options while it's processing your request (fixing various bugs)
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