GameSave Manager

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Database Update:
26th April 2024

What's New?

The following changes were introduced in Client Update v3.0.238.0
  • FIXED: Old and unused entries in 'settings.ini' still existing after updating the file
  • FIXED: 'Back to Main Menu' and 'Update(s) Available' links incorrectly being enabled during a task
  • FIXED: Various translation issues on the 'Steam Spreader' page
  • FIXED: Issue when saving log file for a 'Removal Task' causing the application to hang
  • FIXED: Scheduled Tasks started that have no entries to backup causes GameSave Manager to hang
  • FIXED: Full rescans not always being triggered after a program update
  • FIXED: 'Use Dropbox' option not being unchecked when Dropbox isn't running on the user's system
  • FIXED: 'Store 'Offficial Entries' database in AppData' failing to copy release's database if user decides to store settings in launch directory
  • FIXED: 'Changelog' link not being hidden when downloading a new Program Update
  • ADDED: 'Sort detected entries by entry's file-size' option to Program Settings
  • ADDED: 'VerInfo' section to backup archive's data file, adding the ability to tell the user what version of GameSave Manager (including database) was used for it's creation during a 'Restore Task'
  • ADDED: 'Sort Entries' category to 'Program Settings' (under 'Detection Configuration')
  • ADDED: Ability to right-click 'Detected Entries' list on 'Backup Gamesave(s)' page to change sort order 'on the fly'
  • ADDED: Counters on the 'Separate Archives' and 'Ignored Entries' sections of Program Settings
  • ADDED: Routines to automatically resize checkboxes, radio-buttons and 'group headers' resulting in translators not having to worry about resizing them
  • ALTERED: Detection Engine no longer requires a full rescan upon changing 'sort order' of results or specifying an entry to include / exclude via 'Ignored Entries' (assuming 'Save detection results...' option is enabled)
  • ALTERED: Logs now contain the version information of the release of GameSave Manager used
  • ALTERED: Translation Routines, adding possible bypasses to support more languages such as Japanese, Russian, etc
  • NEW TRANSLATION: German by 'evilshinobi'
  • NEW TRANSLATION: Russian by 'XIII'
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