GameSave Manager
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5th November 2022


Why donate?
GameSave Manager is developed--and also maintained--as a freeware application for the PC gaming community.
Countless hours have been spent coding and maintaining this project. As such, we respectfully request if you use the application often that you consider donating.
We will never try and guilt or trick you into donating.
How much to you want?
That's entirely up to you.
We genuinely do appreciate any and all donations, however big or small they are.
What if I can't afford to?
That's completely fine.
Again, we will never try and guilt or trick you into donating. If you can't afford to (or just outright refuse), that's fine. All we ask is you help us spread the word of GameSave Manager.
Okay, so how do I donate?
If you've gotten this far, thank you. Sincerely.
Select your currency of choice from the list below. You will be redirected to PayPal's website, where your donation will be entered, transaction processed and completed.

Note: If your currency isn't listed, please use a Currency Convertor