LEGO Marvel Super Heroes takes forever to scan

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes takes forever to scan

Post by thorigor » 17 May 2018, 17:24

Hi there guys,

At the GSM startup scan (Please wait while your system is scanned for supported saves), it always takes a really long time in 'Processing... "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes"'. All other games are scanned really fast, but this one stays on the screen for minutes before moving on. When the program loads and it asks if I want to rescan for newer saves, if I click yes the same issue happens.

Any suggestions? I have completed and uninstalled the game already, and I've deleted all of the backup saves except for the most recent one.

I have also removed the folder containing the save files from the steam userdata path. No success, the scan is still stopping at this game, so I placed the folder back.

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