[Resolved] Ruined my PC

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[Resolved] Ruined my PC

Post by Austynrox »

Hi, I downloaded this back in June/July to back up my games and it messed up my computer. Ever since I used this to back up my games and it ruined my PC. I uninstalled it and restored the pc back to how it was before and it still messed up. Some games won't run now and some say they are launching then stop right after. I even have the game run then it just go black. I cant restore my pc to before doing it and I tried uninstalling games and reinstalling still doesn't work. I cant afford to reset my whole PC as i use it for school also. It messed everything up I wish I never did this

EDIT: Issue resolved, Sync & Link was used. Moved saves were deleted, leaving the links behind.

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Re: Ruined my PC

Post by InsaneMatt »

What exactly makes you believe GameSave Manager is behind this?
What task(s) did you perform within GameSave Manager?

What I'm assuming you did is run Sync & Link, then delete your saves (leaving the 'links).
This is simple to fix, however. You'll need to go to the save location for each game you 'broke' and make sure it's not a 'symbolic link' (effectively it'll have a little shortcut arrow overlay on the folder). If it is a symbolic link, delete it and then start the game.

EDIT: Got in touch with Austynrox via Steam Chat.
He/she confirmed the above assumption was indeed the case and that someone else had helped them address this in my absence.

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