18th December 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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Moving your saves 'into the cloud'

Like the idea of 'Steam Cloud'?
Want something similar for practically all of your games?

This can easily be achieved via Symbolic Links (Windows Vista / Windows 7 only!). Unfortunately, this can be very time consuming and intimidating for the average PC gamer.
This is where 'Sync & Link' comes in; not only does it use GameSave Manager's database but also automates the creation (and removal) of Symbolic Links.

NOTE: Sync & Link only lists entries that use the '*.*' (all files) file mask and has no exclusion ruleset!
This is due to the fact that directory links are created and not file links!

  1. Processing a new task
  2. Re-creating the links on a new machine or formatted system

Processing a new task
This section explains how to move your saves to one central location or to your Cloud Service of choice.
  1. You may wish to update the "Officially Supported Games" database before proceeding. More information on this can be found here.

  2. From the Main Menu, select 'Sync & Link'
  3. Much like Making a Backup, you'll be presented with a list of support entries detected on your system.
    Some entries may not be listed, however you can overwrite this behaviour via 'Program Settings -> Task Specific -> Sync & Link'.
    Select the entries you wish to process and click the 'Start the...' button (icon).
    NOTE: If you have configured your 'Cloud Options', you will see a checkbox below the start button as shown in this image.

  4. GameSave Manager will now start processing all the entries you specified.
    Sit back and relax.

Re-creating the links on a new machine or formatted system
Below are the steps required to re-link previously Sync & Link'd saves.
You have to do this on a newly formatted system or on another machine if you wish to share your saves across machines.
  1. From the Main Menu, select 'Sync & Link'
  2. Click the 'Relink' button and select the directory where your Sync & Link saves are (assuming you haven't setup any 'Cloud Options').
  3. GameSave Manager will now search all sub-folders of the directory specified for Sync & Link'd saves.
    All detected saves will automatically be processed.
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