13th December 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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Custom Gamesave Entries

'Custom Gamesave Entries' is a feature within GameSave Manager which allows you to specify directories, specific files and registry data to search for and backup.
These entries are listed within the same list as the 'Officially Supported' entries.

This tutorial will show you how to create your own 'Custom Gamesave Entry'.
  1. From the 'Main Menu', select 'Custom Gamesave Entries'
  2. Any existing 'Custom Gamesave Entries' will now be listed. However in this example, we have no existing entries.
    Click the 'Add' button to add a new entry.
  3. The 'Custom Gamesave Entries Wizard' will now load up.
    Enter a name for this entry; you can name it whatever you wish.
  4. You'll be asked to specify a Backup and/or Restore warning.
    If you do not require neither, simply click 'Next >' to continue.
  5. We now need to specify what we actually wish to backup.
    In this example, we're going to be backing up a file called 'MySave.sav', which is located in the directory 'My Games\GameName'. This directory is stored within our 'Documents'.
    Let's click the 'Add' button for the file / directory option.
  6. The 'Custom Gamesave Entries: Directory Wizard' will now be displayed
    1. We want to dynamically detect the 'Documents' directory, so tick the 'Yes please, dynamically...' tickbox and select 'My Documents'.
      NOTE: My 'Documents' directory has been moved to another partition and thus the detected path for it is likely to be different to yours!
    2. We now need to append the path to the saves.
      For this example, we'll enter 'My Games\GameName'.
    3. Last but not least, we need to specify the file(s) to backup.
      You can use 'wildcards' here (* and ?) for filetypes, but in this example we want to backup a specific file called 'MySave.sav' so let's enter that filename.
      As we're only backing up 1 specific file, we don't need to specify any files or masks to exclude.
  7. We're now sent back to the screen from Step 5.
    As we don't need to add anything else, click 'Next >'.
  8. We're finished.
    Simply click the 'Finish' button to save the entry.

    If your entry meets all the criteria of being 'officially supported', you'll see the 'Share Entry' section on this page. Tick the checkbox to submit your Custom Gamesave Entry for approval to be in a future Database Update.
    You'll be given the option to specify additional information for the entry before submitting it.
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