19th November 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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  • What is a ALPHA / CONCEPT Release?
    Similar to Beta Releases, an Alpha release is a new version of a software program that has not yet been fully tested for bugs.
    A Concept Release is pretty much the same, only even less developed and are used as 'preview' builds.
  • What's the risks?
    Unlike a Stable release--or even Beta infact--you're almost guarantee to find an uncompleted feature or bug.
    As a result of this, critical errors should be expected which in turn could result in issues restoring saves.
    It is therefore recommended you use with extreme caution.
  • Is this an open or closed ALPHA / CONCEPT?
    Mostly our Alpha / Concept releases are closed. However, from time to time we do allow anyone to try a release.
    Currently, we're set to Open Testing.
  • How do I join the 'Closed Testing'?
    Simply join the Alpha Tester forum group.
    Afterwards, visit the latest thread in the 'Alpha Feedback' section of the forum for instructions on downloading.
  • Can I 'mirror' Alphas / Concepts?
    We highly discourage this due to the nature of such releases.

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v4.0 (Build 090) [ Show Changelog ]
6.13 MB (approx)
14th June 2017
9.2017-10-11_01 [ Download ] [ Changelog ]

Changelog for v4.0 (Build 090) Alpha

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