18th December 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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Changelog for v3.0 (Build 212)
  • FIXED: v3.x backups failing to restore 'registry data' during a 'Restore Task'
  • FIXED: Minor UI glitch on 'Restore Gamesave(s)' page
  • FIXED: Backup Archives being wrongfully flagged as containing older files (when 'Create a new archive upon file change' option is used)
  • FIXED: 'settings.ini' not being updated with new options after updating to a newer release with additional options (such as this release)
  • FIXED: 'First Run' issue caused when the user doesn't have required permission to write to the settings directory
  • FIXED: Issue regarding querying databases when said database failed to be created
  • FIXED: Failed restores sometimes not being correctly logged
  • FIXED: 'Sync & Link' logs sometimes containing 'translation errors'
  • FIXED: 'Administratraive rights required' dialog not being displayed if 'settings.ini' wasn't writable in last program update
  • ADDED: Restorable 'registry data' is now listed within the 'Detected Entries' list, allowing for greater control of your 'Restore Tasks'
  • ADDED: Option to specify the sub-folder to use for Sync & Link tasks (specify via 'Program Settings->Task Specific->Sync & Link')
  • ADDED: Ability to double-click directory items in the 'Detected Entries' list on the 'Restore' and 'Sync & Link' pages (same behaviour as 'Backup' page)
  • ADDED: 'Debug Mode' now generates a complete list of missing entries during a Database Update
  • ADDED: Routine to check if user has required rights to apply a Database Update, modify settings, etc.
  • ADDED: Option to sort detected entries by the date they were last modified / added to the database (via 'Program Settings->Detection Configuration')
  • ADDED: 'Global Settings' (via First Run dialog); allows user to specify to store settings and 'Official Entries' database in AppData (by default they'll continue to be stored within launch directory for portability)
  • ALTERED: 'Default Program Settings' now specifies to hide the 7zip command window from the user (many people requested this)
  • ALTERED: Default 'cache directory' to append the '$$ CacheDir $$' subfolder
  • Minor re-wording for log files; 'Collecting MD5 File Hashes...' to 'Collecting MD5 checksums...'
  • Logs are now opened within GameSave Manager (when the user specifies to view the log after a failed task and after a 'forcibily started' scheduled task)
  • Latest Database Update included...
    • ALTERED: 'Blades of Time' entry to only backup specific files (.blk)
    • ALTERED: 'Borderlands 2' entry to only backup saves and config (separate directory entries)
    • ALTERED: 'Doom 3' entry to include 'DoomConfig.cfg' file
    • ALTERED: 'Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (GOG Edition)' entry to only backup 'sav' and 'cfg' files
    • ALTERED: 'Spec Ops: The Line' entry to include 'Steam Cloud' data
    • ADDED: Alternative entry for 'Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil'
    • ADDED: Alternative entry for 'Ys Origin'
    • FIXED: Detection issue with 'Divine Divinity'
    • FIXED: Detection issue with 'Plants Vs Zombies' due to duplicate entries
    • Added compatibility for the following game(s):
      • BoXiKoN
      • Carrier Command
      • DaisyWords
      • Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time
      • DoomsDay
      • Flight Control HD
      • Glowfish
      • Hawken
      • Hearts of Iron 3
      • I Am Alive
      • Jagged Alliance: Crossfire
      • LEGO Racers 2
      • NBA 2K13
      • QuantZ
      • Ravaged
      • Smite
      • The Settlers: Rise of an Empire Gold Edition
      • Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
      • Trino
      • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
      • Zen Bound 2
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