18th December 2017
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Steam, Greenlight and GameSave Manager

2012-10-18 at 20:00:17 by InsaneMatt

As many of you are aware, recently Steam--or more precisely Valve--added a 'Software' category to Greenlight.
Many people have contacted me in regards to this, wondering when GameSave Manager will be listed. GekzOverlord even posted a 'Discussion Thread' over at the Greenlight hub about this.

At present, there's no plans to add GameSave Manager to Steam.
It's very likely that for this project to be added to Steam, it'll have to be monetised in some way. Perhaps a one-off fee of £1 / $1.60 / €1.23 (current exchange rate of 1 GBP) would satisfy any requirements that Valve has to 'host' software or games. Maybe a bigger fee would be required or 'donating' becomes a form of 'in-app' transaction with pre-set amounts in various options (such as £1, £5, £10, etc). Who knows? From what I can tell, all games / software currently on Greenlight have some form of transaction associated to them. Black Mesa is the only one that appears to be free, but as it's a mod of an existing Valve title I guess it helps sell Source Engine games.
In any case, add to this we'd likely require some level of Steamworks implementation and the $100 fee to add something to Greenlight. It all becomes abit of a headache.

Because of the above points, I feel it's a little too soon to jump onto the Greenlight wagon.
Who knows what the future may hold? Maybe in a month or two my concerns are proven to hold no ground or I suddenly feel it's worth the headaches to attempt?
All I know for sure--right now as I type this--is that GameSave Manager will continue in it's current format; a standalone third-party freeware application.

I hope you all understand my concerns on this.
A thread has been made on this topic in our forums for discussion between the community. It can be found right here.

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