18th December 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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GSM v4.0.084.0 [Alpha]

2017-05-08 at 17:21:59 by InsaneMatt

We're finally out of the Prototype phase, rejoice!
The very first Alpha release of the v4.x branch is now out.

There's still quite a bit of things to do before a Stable, hell even a Beta, release can be made but we're well on our way.
Thanks to our Translators, we're slowly natively supporting other languages.

Notable changes:

  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Czech' by 'Buchtic'
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Finnish' by 'Maximate'
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Hungarian' by 'lostprophet'
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Italian' by 'Puxxup'
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Portuguese' by 'JrSolaris'
  • NEW TRANSLATION: 'Spanish' by 'luciferfran'
  • UPDATED: '7za_x64.exe' and '7za_x86.exe' assemblies to (from
  • UPDATED: 'System.Data.SQLite.dll' assembly to (from
  • ADDED: '/language' commandline switch to Setup (use '/?' commandline for further details)
  • ADDED: 'Backup Point limit' option to 'Standard Backup' feature
  • ADDED: Option to always generate a System Tray icon
  • FIXED: 'Abort' requests not being honoured by Service while moving / copying a directory's contents
  • FIXED: Missing 'Author' field in the 'Language Pack Editor' screen
  • FIXED: 'Running processes' sometimes not being listed in enhanced debugging logs
  • FIXED: Slow-downs when querying certain databases without full administrative rights
  • FIXED: Splash Screen sometimes taking several seconds to render
  • FIXED: System Tray's context menu not being correctly populated at program startup
  • NEW: Setup now attempts to display in your system locale, defaulting to English if no translation is available
  • 'Menu' and 'Task Options' buttons are now symmetrical in size
  • 'Menu' and 'Task Options' buttons now have a 'disabled' visual state (text is hidden)
  • Minor changes to behaviour when the 'Language' value is changed within 'Program Settings'
  • Re-worked the 'Language Pack Editor' screen to fit the rest of the UI

While we're out of the Prototype stage, this very much is an Alpha and such should be used with care.
Currently known issues:

  • Restoring a registry data is not yet implemented
  • Verification checks are not yet in place
  • Some users are reporting program crashes when navigating to Program Settings or Custom Gamesave Entries. I've tracked the issue down and am working on a fix
  • Somewhat related to the above issue, some users are reporting 'Task Options' for 'Standard Backup' doesn't display any controls

You can download this build using this link (MD5 Filehash: 47EB0A6F7AE560C1537058ACAF8CF78D).


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