18th December 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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GSM v4.0.077.0 [Prototype]

2017-04-14 at 15:16:38 by InsaneMatt

We're getting awfully close to an Alpha release at this point. Could this be the last Prototype? We'll see.
Anyway, this update started off just introducing a better 'notification system' but kind of snow balled. Multiple tweaks and fixes to the Service (and how it's connected to), along with tweaks to the Translation routines.
It's safe to say we're ready to start including third party translations and so will be contacting our existing Translators for their help and feedback.

Anyway, notable changes:

  • 'Warning Banners' have been replaced with a dedicated 'notification panel'
  • Added a 'Notification' button to the Window Border (alongside Minimize, Maximize / Restore and Close buttons)
  • Fixed Window Border's Maximize / Restore button not being updated to match the the window's current state
  • Service changes
    • Fixed issues connecting to Service process in certain situations when running on a non-English version of Windows
    • Generally improved 'connection handshake' routines
    • Client now routinely checks to make sure the service is still running, preventing client freezing while awaiting responses
    • Service's 'Startup Type' can now be specified within client Program Settings (though can still be set through 'services.msc', obviously)
    • UAC Prompts are now, by default, not shown at client startup should the 'SkipUAC' task not be triggered
    • Failed connection attempts can now be addressed by retrying via the Notification, instead of having to restart GameSave Manager
    • Fixed an issue when an elevated process is used to start the Service process, despite the 'SkipUAC' task successful
  • Language Packs are now stored using their ISO 639-1 values (e.g 'en' instead of 'en-GB')
  • Language Packs now use their native names instead of regional names (e.g 'English' instead of 'English (United Kingdom)')
  • ComboBox objects now have a more suitable look to them, matching the overall UI theme of the project
  • Setup now generates logs (stored within 'C:\ProgramData\GameSave Manager\Installers\Logs')
  • Fixed a minor bug in which Setup will not automatically close when the '/silent' commandline is used (but '/ui' isn't)
  • 'Developer Mode' shortcut now replaces 'Plugin API' (within the Start Menu shortcut group)

You can download this build using this link (MD5 Filehash: 77E238E644E77DD0EF74CA630C679395).

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