18th December 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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GSM v4.0.071.0 [Prototype]

2017-03-23 at 19:39:31 by InsaneMatt

Been a month or so since our last post about the v4.x branch. So, what's happening?
Nothing ground breaking, I've just been busy debugging the Restore feature a little (with as many scenarios as I could think of). Oh and something about plugins?
So, with that in mind, here's the latest Prototype for you guys to get your claws into!

Notable changes:
  • Fixed some issues with Restoring from backups that store multiple 'Backup Points'
  • Re-designed (and coded) the Setup
  • Fixed issues with communication failures between client and service process
  • 'Game Spreader' now checks the directory size you wish to move and checks if enough free space exists on the target drive before moving anything
  • Added a delay in which the InfoPanel is shown
  • Added 'Release Channel' option to the Program Settings
  • Implemented the beginnings of the Plugin API; you can now create your own plugins for GameSave Manager!
    Documentation on how to create plugins, alongside some examples, can be found in the 'plugins\Examples' directory (link to which is in the Start Menu shortcut group).
You can download this build using this link (MD5 Filehash: 6E37CA9189C6EA722E438FA9BBBB9C89).
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