18th December 2017
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GSM v4.0.054.0 [Prototype]

2016-12-26 at 16:46:12 by InsaneMatt

The waiting is over, well kind of...
After months of waiting, the next Public Testing release of the upcoming v4.x branch has been released. This is the first public build since our most recent recode, which introduces a cleaner UI and even faster scanning than before!

While this is being released to the public, it's still very much a Prototype!
Due to this, we highly suggest you do not use this build for your primary GameSave Manager needs!

Known issues:

  • Service communication sometimes fails; restarting GameSave Manager usually fixes this
  • Restore feature doesn't always restore everything selected (when multiple 'Backup Points' are used)

You can download this build using this link (MD5 Filehash: D81C93F3064744F5909DC5C72F803DE0).
In order to run this build, you require Windows Vista or above and .NET Framework v4.6 (Windows 10 users can run this 'out of the box'). You'll also need Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86), which the installer can download for you.

As always, feedback is always welcomed!
Happy Holidays.

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