18th December 2017
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Progress report; v4.0.011.0 Prototype

2016-03-08 at 21:39:12 by InsaneMatt

Since our last progress report, there's been quite a few changes.
First and foremost, we've more or less started from scratch... Again. Why? Well everything is much more neatly coded and optimised (now I'm much more familiar with C#). It's also allowed us to redesign the UI, which neither myself nor Gekz were fully impressed by.

Probably the best thing that has come out of this re-code has been that the scanning is even faster than before (not nearly as noticable as v3.x to v4.x, but still a step in the right direction). It's also allowed me to address an annoying bug that I had issues tracing (in short, some files / directories were skipped for whatever reason).
While we don't have a build for you guys to check out right now, we do have some screenshots to wet your appetite. Here they are...

As you can see, we're definitely getting there.
All going well, a somewhat complete test build should be out later this year (fingers crossed).


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