18th December 2017
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Progress report; v4.0.009.0 Prototype

2015-11-21 at 21:58:14 by InsaneMatt

It's been a while since we last spoke about GameSave Manager v4.x
This is primarily to do with some health issues I had, which made it impossible to do anything (nevermind concentrate on coding). After I recovered, myself and Gekz found it difficult to get back into the swing of things.

Well anyway, I've been slowly developing v4.x on and off. Not a fantastic amount has changed since our last News Article, well not that you'd really notice.
The main focus was trying to get some UAC compatibility going on. To address this, we're now using a Windows Service to do stuff that requires elevated permissions (such as file associations).

Due to the Windows Service being implemented, we've also added a 'setup' system (install and uninstall). This will also help with the many users who contact us, not understanding on what to do with the archive they download.
I know some of you liked the portability of v3.x, so this'll likely be a little annoying. We'll look into a way of implementing some sort of 'portable' launcher in the future for you. For now, we'll focus on the installer branch.

Anyway, the most recent version (v4.0.009.0 Prototype) can be downloaded from here.
As usual, please post your feedback in the Discussion Thread over at our forums.


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