18th December 2017
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First v4.0 public Prototype

2014-12-13 at 21:30:29 by InsaneMatt

As previously discussed, we've been busy working on GameSave Manager v4.0.
While I was hoping for a more complete release around Christmas, we still have something for you guys and gals you mess about with.

Before we start, please be aware that this is a Prototype release.
It's going to be buggy, missing features and be next to pointless to use in it's present state. Most of you will likely not care for this, while a select few may wish to see what we've been doing while we've been away from the Forums.

Some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:
Log Viewer Main Menu - Update Checks Scanning System

Some notes before we begin.

  1. As previously mentioned, it's far from complete.
  2. While the 'Standard Backup' feature looks nearly complete, it isn't - It will not make a backup!
  3. There is no UI implemented to display to the user while a 'Backup Task' is performed - It will look like nothing is happening.
  4. You can abort a scan or 'Backup Task' at any time, simply by clicking the 'X' (close) button for the application's Window
  5. While it can check for Program Updates, it cannot yet download and install them! (can apply database updates, however)
  6. Run the program with '/dev' commandline for access to the 'Developer Backend' (for making your own translation packs)
  7. You'll likely be notified of a missing font, you can safely proceed without said font or go download and install it yourself.

With all of that in mind, you can download the current prototype by following this link this link (~1.2 MB).
We very much welcome feedback, which can be submitted in this thread.

We have no set time-frame for when a complete release will be made, nor will be set such a date until we're much closer to the end of development. We'd prefer to take our time and make this the best GameSave Manager version yet!

Matt & Gekz

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