18th December 2017
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GameSave Manager 4.0 - wait, what?!?!

2014-08-07 at 19:23:38 by InsaneMatt

The observant amongst you have likely noticed that database updates aren't quite as frequent as they used to be and that program updates (updates to fix bugs / implement new options) are all but extinct too.
So what's going on? In short, quite abit.

Well, I've given up on LUA (the language GameSave Manager is currently coded in) and am in the process of learning C#. At the same time, I'm also working on a GameSave Manager 4.0 prototype.
While I'm doing all that, Gekz is working on UI concepts (inbetween Dungeon Defenders Eterinty sessions - he's addicted!).

As you can see from this Tweet from almost 2 weeks ago, the scanning is MUCH faster than the current version.
Not much (on the UI side of things) has happened since that video was made, but here's some screenshots of the most recent prototype in action (click to enlarge):

Scanning system Creating a new Language Pack Editing Language Pack

As you can see, my main focus at present is the translation side of things (which is coming along nicely).
I have no idea when an Alpha / Concept release will be ready, but I'm hopeful that it'll be before Christmas - just don't quote me on that!

So what'cha all think? Let us know in the discussion thread.

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