18th December 2017
Latest Stable Version: v3.1 (Build 449)
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Potentially serious bug reported!

2014-04-10 at 19:59:21 by InsaneMatt

It has come to our attention (via someone on Twitter) that there is an apparent issue with GameSave Manager 'deselecting' entries.
In this case, the user used the 'Save Removal' feature which proceeded to remove most--if not all--of the user's saves.

We're actively looking into this.
Until we can either address this issue or disprove the bug, we're highly suggesting you do not use the 'Save Removal' features.

At present, we cannot confirm this issue nor how to replicate it. As such, we cannot state whether previous builds are also affected or not.
We hope to resolve this as soon as humanly possible.

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